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Craps Information

Probably the most exciting game in any casino, Spin City Casino offers you an exciting, thrilling ride that only craps can offer. Craps basically revolves around chance. The throwing of two dice with numbers one - six. Craps actually originated in England during the crusades in 1125 AD. They were invented by Sir William of Tyre and his knights, but was called "Hazard", it is said that they invented "Hazard" during besieging a castle called "Hazarth". Which is very interesting due to the fact that Craps is actually quite a complicated game, which means Sir William of Tyre and his knights must have had quite alot of time on their hands. The name was later changed by the French to "Craps" as we know it today.

Craps Table Image

The Rules

The basic rules behind Craps are actually complicated and takes practice to understand:

  1. The first bet which most people on a playing game make is the "pass line" bet.
  2. On the first roll (come-out roll) win by making either a 7 or 11 and so do the other players who bet on the "pass line".
  3. 2,3 and 12 will make the "shooter" (the player throwing the dice) lose on the "pass line".
  4. 4,5,6,8,9 and 10 are called the "point", if the player gets any of the "point" number on the "pass line" then he/she has to roll the "point" again to have the opportunity to play for a 7.
  5. If a 7 does come up before the "point" then the "shooter" has "Sevened-Out" and they lose their go.

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