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Roulette Information

Roulette is one of the most exciting casino games you can play. Most casinos do not offer the chance to experience this game because it is just so expensive to maintain. But now it's online! And here at Spin City Casino!

Our online casino only have 3 roulette tables but more are on the way!:

  • European
  • American
  • French

Roulette is an immensely exciting game that can be very addictive, with your total reliance of luck; it is a fun, adrenalin pumping game!

The Rules of Roulette

The rules of Roulette are simple:

There are a series of numbers on a board, and you place bets on these numbers or on the line between them (inside bet)
You can also place bets on "black/red or odd/even (outside bet) meaning that the wheel will show a red number or black number. you can select as many numbers as you want but If you are playing at a table with a $10 minimum, you must place $10 on any outside bets you make, or a total of at least $10 on your inside bets.
So if you play black/red, odd/even, you must place the table minimum for each bet. On the other hand, you could place 5 $2 bets on 5 completely different inside bets (the minimum). Once the wheel starts to spin the dealer will send a ball in the opposite direction, then its up to luck! Once the ball stops it will land on a coloured number! Roulette is a far more relaxed game than you're likely to find at a casino (while placing bets). This is because there are no rules to the time you can take to place your bets, until the wheel spins and then the adrenalin rush begins! And the best part is we offer it in the comfort of your chair! so if you want a game where you can just sit back, relax and let the money role in! this is the game for you! So play now at Spin City Casino.

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